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As I just squealed at my mate: I love this woman! I love and hate her character in equal measure. This is a creature who should be in my pantheon of duality stricken femme fatales! That said - yes - we’re finally catching up on Defiance season two. I love baths… shouldn’t everyone love baths?

Day 56… continuing to introduce Skye with the other felines -Gremlin, Ghost and Evilyn. There has been some discussion as to why her name does not fit the Attic theme and no one seems to care that she’s a huge black cat that honestly is… well… the new black cat I think is an enforcer familiar. All “you wants me to take’im out with magic and junk?” as she cracks her knuckles. So… needless to say there has been a lot of this *points up* during their introductions.

(Source: ldarknessl)

Computer Blow-out

I literally had a computer blowout. My hard drive took a dive. I would have felt better if sparks have flown from it, that it gasped for breath until there was a death rattle and finally the ghost of my data slowly slipped from the fan area and went to the great data heaven in the sky -but no. It locked up, shut down and proceeded to refuse to boot. Refused to boot but had enough strength to blow raspberries at me.

Most of its contents were backed up but quite a bit of my most recent work was not because I’m an ace computer user that way. So… little down time while I got a new system and the other computers in the house were tasked with trying to slowly retrieve lost stuffs. But I’m happy to be back to make people moan and groan about how painfully slow Halloween is approaching!

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