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ChaiThulhu or Reign in Purple by Myke Amend (c) 2011

Towards the end of the Victorian era, against his creator’s constant objections, Cthulhu’s lesser known brother, ChaiThulhu, made the rounds of Victorian high society. Of course there was some resistance to his face of constantly flowing tentacles and more than one society member felt ill at ease as he spoke of his older brother’s ultimate reign of madness and destruction on the world -but his style was so bang up to the elephant! And that terribly dapper hat! His conversations engaged the gentleman and all it took was the gifting of just one of his strange purple flowers to enrapture the ladies…

Soon to be in our shoppe again.

The King in Yellow by Sebastian Giacobino -still one of my absolute favorite cover renderings of this book. I’ve been confined to my work room getting orders packaged as well as spending time designing a multifaceted spirit board for October (it has doors and windows!) and to keep my background noise interesting I’ve been re-watching True Detective. I so love the overtones for that show. It’s made me far more of a fan of the crime noir genre with those weird tale overtones. Buzzfeed finally gave me a list that wasn’t derpy cats or idiots in motion - a list of related reading for True Detective. I’ve read quite a few of these already but there are some interesting new ones on there.

Since Chambers work, and many others, is in the public domain, my mate and I have been making one of a kind wood bound books for them. By the time we’re done we won’t want to sell them. I have The King in Yellow and Dracula in my to-get-done work pile. I want them to look like creepy old books you find in the attic. Speaking of which, back to work with me.

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