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Wow! This post has gotten around! You know the best reason to share it again? There are only 33 more days until Halloween!! Now where are my black witchy boots?!


Practical Magic… I want the house, the yard, the herb garden, and the aunts’ wardrobe. A wardrobe that is distinctly Stevie Nicks moving happily into middle age during a full moon…

We’re fundraising this week. We’re moving into our new studio space with our friends Boheme Tribal (this is their dance studio) and have to basically create a new gallery set-up (new prints of our newer work, frames, shoppe swag, etc) for the space in preparation for the studio opening this coming Friday. Bethalynne is also in need of some dental and back specialist tune-ups, which presently are out of pocket for her. So she’s offering original pinup sketches. These are samples of a few of her last commissions. We have a listing for the sketches in our shoppe here.

Much of Bethalynne’s work is dark, silent movie-era inspired with lots of classic ladies and tattoos -but suggestions for what you’d like are welcome ;) She’ll be posting progress shots on her instagram:


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